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AudioFitness hearing exercise supplied your customers with new auditory comprehension

Every day in Germany: Customers visit the hearing aid acoustician - and on average they do so ten years later than would have been appropriate. However, hearing aid is still perceived as little positive by the customers: 'Glasses make you look wise - hearing aid makes you look old', as saying goes.

The customers often expects too much: Like when they put on their glasses for the first time, they want to hear by their hearing aid again like they had used to 20‐30 years before. This often causes disappointment – much too often.‘Now I can hear again, but comprehension is not really better’ -  ‘Talking is louder, but hard to understand in all that noise’ and ‘… it's unbearable …’, these are frequent responses and comments of the persons concerned.

Now, in conventional adaptation, the acous­tician deviates more and more from the hearing aid adjustment that the customer actually needs and adapts to the customer's wishes by setting up a hearing aid for good sensations which by consequence - and against the customer's wish - is no longer a hearing aid for comprehending. The problem of having to promote readiness to wear, though, often leads to unpleasant compro­mises and often to protracted adaptation or even aborts.

Here Audiofitness sets the stakes higher: Instead of pure auditory audiometrisation, the customer’s neural auditory comprehension is also recorded and displayed by means of a main audiogram in a first step. Basic abilities of linguistic comprehension like time pro­cessing, pitch differentiation or directional hearing are recorded and evaluated.

Using this as a basis, the customer receives a specific neural hearing exercise by means of the AudioTrainer 3000 to facilitate new auditory comprehension between the ears with a hearing aid in the best way possible. Your customer will quickly learn that this cerebral capacity exercise decisively con­tributes to better auditory comprehension.

With Audiofitness you have an elegant way to analyse basic functions of the hearing comprehension in the mind, to exercise them as desirable and to provide your customer consistently with better hearing and comprehension. At the same time, your professional hearing aid adaptation is quicker and more precisely concluded. Choose the professional way toward more linguistic comprehension by the customer.

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