The Audiofitness programme will enable you and your hearing coach to first identify the current performance of your hearing and speech processing ability. Then your hearing coach will assist you in tailoring an effective exercise programme: The Warnke® procedure on which the exercise is based distinguishes itself by impressive success rates and contented users. The intensive exercise consists of six individual routines that are supported by independent exercise at home. The hearing coach guides you professionally through the individual sessions. He can provide tips and tricks on the exercise and monitor your progress continuously.

Your hearing coach can show you any time a graph of your exercise in the concise MediTOOLs analysis and documentation software. Your values will be compared to reference values and rated by age. The intensive (or rehabilitation) exercise adapts to the reference and target values. You should achieve best rates that restore your central interpretation ability.

The attained skills will help you find your way - again - in the most different listening conditions and to interpret speech even in noisy environments.

Audiofitness - exercise with hearing aid system(s):
Your first hearing aid care is imminent? Or your hearing aid care does not provide the desired success (yet)? In spite of the best possible adjustment by your hearing aid acoustician? Listening is basically taking place ‘between the ears’. The hearing aid is only a first important step for you. A Audiofitness exercise adapted to your person will enable you to learn how to use your hearing aid in the best way possible. This way you may go on communicating actively and trouble-free.

Here you may access more information on the conservation exercise at home or outdoors.

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