How often and how long do I have to exercise?

To achieve the target values (according to your age) in the intensive phase, we recommend an exercise of 10 minutes every day. The subsequent conservation exercise takes much less time. According to demand, several times per week or just 15 minutes once per week may be enough.

Where can I get the AudioTrainer 3000 and how much does it cost?

There are at the moment more than 40 suppliers of the Audiofitness exercise programme in Switzerland, and counting. You may get the AudioTrainer 3000 from any of them. Each consultation centre has its own offer, the recommended retail price is CHF 425.- (incl. VAT)

May I also exercise with a hearing aid?

Exercising with a hearing aid is in fact highly recommendable. The advantages of a high-quality hearing system may take effect only if the central hearing capacity is fit enough to process the delicacies. You exercise by earphone, the hearing coach will gladly assist you if there is any trouble. The AudioTrainer 3000 can transmit the signal either inductively or by the audio shoe of the hearing aid as well.

Can I change the volume of the AudioTrainer?

Yes, even each channel individually. This means that the volume can be precisely and individually customised. The corresponding volume is saved in the device.

How much does the controlled exercise cost and how long will it take?

The exercise controlled by the hearing coach is invoiced per hour. The fees may vary between CHF 90.-and CHF 110.-(incl. VAT) per session. The controlled exercise consists most often of 6 individual exercises. Please, ask your local hearing coach for an offer.

Is there an age limit?

No, the exercise can be done at any age. Note, however, that the Audiofitness exercise is targeting adults. Exercises for children are often made more comprehensive or adapted in arrangement with teachers or parents. Your hearing coach will tell you more about that.